About Us

EcoEye Lanka (Pvt. Ltd.) is the proprietor of EcoEye brand.

We are specialising in the production of hand-made fashion accessories – especially bags.

EcoEye products are highly recognisable for their visual identity and production quality. These characteristics of our products are a result of a stubborn work ethic and an uncompromising quality control process that we have been applying ourselves over the years.

EcoEye places in the very heart of its reflexion, activity and business plans the human factor and the environment - sustainable management of its resources.

We believe in quality products which enhance the quality of those who use them. And we believe in a sustainable type of business model which enhances the quality of life of those who produce them. We achieve this both with a single process — the love of what we do best : products which add value to life.

An accessory with Ecoeye signature is, for some, the masterstroke of their profession ; for others, the masterpiece of their lifestyle.

Ecoeye is guided by Sri Lanka Export Development Board ( EDB ) & Ministry of Textile Development Sri Lanka.

Mission / DNA
Ecoeye adds value to life to ignite their living standards from good to great with green environment.

We aim to be engaged in local & export sales with a profitable growth of minimum 300 000 hand-woven cloth bags and soft toys in next five years.

Values / 3T
Think New Dimensions
Think Green

ECOEYE adds value to life of others. Life is never the same, it is changing . Life will pay whatever price you ask of it.

Training & Talents
We produce these products with highly skilled employees in rural areas of Sri Lanka. Employees are given frequent training at reputed vocational training centers.