EcoEye Social Commitment

We see our community — people around us, those who help us being what we are, do what we do — as a system. We all are linked, we all interact. It’s only through the well-being of us all that we can attain our individual well-being.

People who work for EcoEye live in our immediate neighbourhood. They make exquisite products, giving each item its own personality — a little bit of their own — by using row materials made by people around them. The profits made through their production are transferred back to this same community. That economic power enhances the quality of their lives, which, in return, contributes to the quality of the work they produce.

The quality of life itself is a cycle — a healthy, pleasant community may contribute much more to their own system than one devoid of these qualities.

Over seven years, EcoEye has accompanied hundreds of people of our little community during the most crucial adventures of their lives. In return, those individuals, the tiny links of our vast system, have been at the origin of the making of EcoEye : a company devoted to the community which it draws inspiration from.